ASPI Technologies offers a wide range of dimensions for these polymer honeycomb sheets:

  • Thickness of the plates: from 2 to 20 mm
  • Weight of the plates: from 250 to 4000 gr
  • Many colors

10 times lighter than a wood plate for the same resistance, handling is facilitated

Washable, sterilizable and completely inert for any type of use

The honeycomb plates give you rigidity and thickness with a very light weight. These characteristics make it possible to obtain a high resistance to compression and punching. This makes it possible to withstand heavy weight on small surfaces such as stacking pallets.

Resumption of flatness for a perfect stability of the goods


Welded edges
Helps prevent dust or moisture from entering the cells during washing operations. This allows you to use the plates many times under the best hygiene conditions – no risk of contamination by residual moisture.

Cut corners
To ensure the integrity of the pallets, cutting corners avoid tearing the film. Cutting can be done at 45 ° or in rounded corners.

Complexing, anti-UV, antistatic, conductive, dissipative, VCI, flame retardant. Wide range of colors at your disposal.

Table of thickness/weight