Legislation: jurisdical penalties in case of accident

All European companies have an obligation to comply with the new EU legislation on the stabilization of goods during transport. This legislation strongly recommends the use of anti-slip inserts. In the event of an accident, criminal penalties shall be imposed against the carrier and the logistics manager of the shipper.

Belgium (Royal Decree of 27-04-2007), Germany (Standards VDI 700, DIN EN 12642) are precursor countries in this field. They sanction companies and their managers criminally in the event of an accident if the goods are not stabilized in particular with anti-slip interlocks. In France, Police and Gendarmerie are intensifying road controls. Interlocks are checked in priority. (ART r31219)

Safety : to zero work accidents

The IBRD pyramid of adverse events provides a correlation between frequency and severity rates: The higher the number of incidents, the higher the probability of an accident.

Our inserts allow us to meet this objective of security common to all industries.