Our anti-slip range is divided into two different products: Ecoliner® and Stabiliner®


Ecoliner® is an interlayer whose layer is composed of silica particles. The properties of this coating (micro grooves with hardness> 1); allow excellent grip on uncoated rough card stock and low density plastics.

Inclination up to 42°


Stabiliner® is an interlayer whose layer is made of natural latex. This soft touch coating is ideal on all types of materials including hard plastics, varnished packaging, varnished, glossy surfaces, plastics …

Inclination up to 45°
  • Optimum operation on all types of automatic palletizers
  • Perfectly suited to columnar or cross palletization. Removing the tower effect of the goods carton
  • Mono-material, Repulpable
  • Allows you to stack your pallets safely
  • Brown and White (on request)
  • Lying surface : one or two faces
  • Weight from 100 to 550 g / m², also available in corrugated cardboard
  • Food Contact Certificate
  • Available in formats, rolls and patties
  • Ability to combine anti-slip treatment with waterproof treatment
  • The flexibility of the paper does not tear the palletizing film

Stabiliner is flexible; it does not damage the film in the corners. When the film is perforated, the pallet is less solidary; and the interlayer cardboard exceeds, it hinders the loading in the trucks.